Krishnarjuna (Full Movie) – Watch Free Full Length action Movie Online

Krishnarjuna (Full Movie) - Watch Free Full Length action Movie Online
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Watch this Bollywood Hindi Action Movie “Krishnarjuna” (dubbed from Telugu Superhit film “Krishnarjuna”) starring Nagarjuna, Vishnu, Mamta Mohandas.

A Mentally Unstable Pregnant Woman Runs Inside A Temple And Closes The Door. She Gives Birth To A Boy At The Feet Of Lord Krishna’S Idol And Breathes Her Last. The Doors Of The Temple Are Closed, As People Believe That The Birth Of Such A Woman’S Child In ‘Garbhagudi’ Is A Bad Omen.The Boy, Named Arjun (Vishnu ), Grows Up Under The Guardianship Of His Grandmother (Manorama). He Goes To Work As A Bodyguard To Sandhya (Mamta Mohandas), The Sister Of Landlord Pedababu (Nassar). Arjun And His Grandmother Live In The Out House Of Pedababu’S Bungalow. Arjun Is Ill-Treated By Everyone. When Anastrologer Says That Sandhya’S First Husband Will Be Killed And She Will Live Happily With Her Second Husband, Pedababu Plans To Get Sandhya Married To Arjun First. Then, He Conspires To Kill Him And Get Sandhya Married To A Rich Man.However, Lord Krishna (Nagarjuna) Comes To Arjun’S Assistance. Arjun Gains Some Powers From His Companionship With The Lord And Overcomes The Evils That Threaten His Peace And Family Life. He Also Succeeds In Reopening The Doors Of The Temple. Arjun Then Dies By Jumping Of A Tall Building Because Of His Faith In Lord Krishna Who Revives Him A Minute After His Death. The Film Ends On A Happy Note.

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Movie Title: Krishnarjuna
Genre: Indian Movie: Fantasy drama
Starcast: Nagarjuna, Vishnu, Mamta Mohandas
Director: P. Vasu
Music: M.M. Keeravani
Year: 2008