Besharam | Navin Waqar | Syed Jibran | Short Film 4K

More and more people, especially women are finding the institution of marriage irrelevant and are more inclined towards keeping their freedom. Materialism is seeping into the more traditional societies. Besharam is a commentary on the changing trends of society where the definition of morality has changed or now thought to be irrelevant. Besharam is the story of a middle-aged, well maintained, independent woman, who feels that marriage is something of a burden and she sets out to live her life driven by her wants and needs. A story that will show the dark side of an evolving social structure and an eye-opener for those who trust their best friends and take moral values for granted

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Starring: Navin Waqar, Syed Jibran, Sadaf Aashan and Mujtaba Abbas
Written by: Mounam Majeed
Directed by: Muhammad Ashar Asghar
DOP: Rashid Abbas
Lyrics and Composition : Akbar Khan
Music: Fazeel Khan
Editors : Umair Masroor, Zubair Zaman RJ
Produced by: Elements Prime




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